5 tips for healthy living

People who lead a healthy lifestyle, not only physically, but feels good and feels the psychological comfort and demonstrates a high intellectual level. So, good health, positive attitude towards life and high cognitive ability. And all this can be easily accomplished if only not to overeat, do not be lazy and read, learn, move … To lead a healthy lifestyle, it is enough to follow simple tips.

1. Read books

According to the research, reading books much less susceptible to such terrible and not yet izlechimomu disease like Alzheimer's. Reading scientists call exercise the intellect and the imagination. So read on, and your brain will not degrade, but the mind will retain clarity. If you love to read, you don't threaten to boredom and discouragement. Moreover, due to read books you proslyvete one of the most educated man. And another reading is great fun.

2. Learn foreign languages

Memorization foreign words is another way to develop intelligence and prevent age brain degradation, improve cognitive skills. No wonder the same bilinguals are people equally proficient in two or more languages and easily switching from language to language, is considered more intelligent and less susceptible to Alzheimer's disease. And even foreign languages makes us more competitive in the market paid labour, raises its own self-esteem and widens the circle of communication.

3. Eat right

Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are. We are what we eat. There are probably dozens of similar phrases about nutrition and its importance to our lives. That's right, from what and how we eat depends very much: and our physical form, and psychological comfort, and even the ability to experience happiness. The Internet is full of advice about proper nutrition. But basically they boil down to the following four principles.

  1. The interval between meals should not exceed 4 hours and Portia should fit on two hands.
  2. You must comply with the drinking regime, i.e. drinking during the day -2 1.5 liters of liquid.
  3. Last meal should occur no later than 3:00 before you sleep.
  4. Our digestive system requires no gastronomic delights. Preference is given to products that are traditionally consumed by our ancestors. That is, our body will benefit soon buckwheat porridge with butter than Chinese noodles or sushi.
  5. Food should be balanced, that is the basis of our diet should be cereal, vegetable oils, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The meat is lean better chicken, fish-oily, both does not every day. The best carbohydrates — fruits.

4. Move more and exercise

Movement is life, do not get tired to repeat the US medics. We are designed to move. But the cost of development of civilization has resulted in all the more time we spend without traffic. As a result, suffer many of our organs and systems: falling tone receptacles, pressure rises, disrupt heart and endocrine glands, increased appetite, unexplained weight grows. Not everything is in order and in the emotional sphere: low mood, apathy, laziness, lack of desires.

What should I do? Move more. In General, you must walk during the day at a brisk pace for at least an hour. And if at first you have to make over an effort to combat laziness, then after a while a new lifestyle will bear fruit: you'll enjoy to make morning jog or a walk in the evenings at the gym. Your body will start to respond to physical exercise, muscle pozabytoj joy, the level of endorphins rises to the highest level will return happy mentality, there will be no more constant need for sweet take chronic fatigue, and the body will find harmony. You will feel a burst of energy and desire to move mountains.

Indicative timetable:

  1. So, the morning start with charging. Ten minutes to devote to the best exercises for stretching exercises.
  2. Then you can take a 10-minute jog.
  3. Way to work better on foot or at least get out of transport on several stops earlier if you're Office is far from home.
  4. During the day rise from the table at least once in half an hour. Take a walk down the hallway, exit the building, but not to smoke and to breathe fresh air. And do not use the lift!
  5. Lunch use for walking, and not for long get-togethers with colleagues.
  6. Home — all the way, or at least its part do the walking.

5. Sleep-deprived

Sleep is incomparable boon, allowing us to retrieve lost for the day. But so many of us complain about difficulty falling asleep, intermittent or heavy sleep. We are to blame in that sleep brings us the desired relaxation. Naedaemsja at night, watch tv until midnight, play computer games. And then complain that long cannot fall asleep and in the morning don't feel rested.

For the mental and physical recovery of different people need different amounts of sleep. On average men need sleep 7-8 hours, female 8-10.

Take a warm shower before going to bed. Water, as you know, negative energy, washes accumulated during the whole day, you will feel the lightness in the body and calming thoughts.

Dine in three hours before departure to sleep. Food should be easy — it can be salad, boiled or stewed fish, cheese, fruit, kefir.

Avoid watching tv news. Better look nice movie or read a couple of pages of a book.

Add no later than 23 hours.

"With the help of exercise and abstinence most people can do without medicine," Joseph Addison.

As you can see, live a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as it seemed. Follow our simple tips and you your life sparkle with new bright colors.

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