5 reasons why you should never do anything abrupt

Steep ascent or descent, or egg dough cool cool disposition or character, steep talk ? such phrases have long been known. But in the beginning of 90-ies of the last century the meaning of the word "cool" has grown, and it has to be combined with new words: cool jeans, cool project, tough guys, cool guy, a cool girl, cool song, cool mobilka etc. d.

Speaking about someone, that it is steep, we mean that he is successful, deserving of attention and admiration, exemplary and simply extraordinary. If it is about the coolest things, then this is the best stuff. Obviously, in this sense, the word "cool" is used as a juxtaposition of something soft and unformed, undefined. Cool people ? human antithesis of amorphous, which are called ameboj or razmaznej.

And, of course, under the steep deeds refers to extraordinary, "insane" acts that can radically change the life of someone who had the courage to them. Such a capable few people overwhelmingly prefer stability and does not want to leave the comfort zone.

"Cigarette in hand, tea on the table, so the circle closes. And suddenly it becomes scary to change something, "sang Viktor Tsoi. But if the fear of life, will instead heat the glass instead of Greens fire smoke ", so" changes require our hearts … "

But we will not be able to make a cool Act and change your life, if:

1. Will be too concerned about the view of the surrounding

Completely ignore other people's opinions is hardly possible. Moreover, in some cases with him just need to be considered. Finishing position "there are only two opinions ? my and wrong", we run the risk of getting "otvetku": our opinion will not be. But since we live in a society, then we must compromise and be able to negotiate.

However, in matters relating to our destiny, personal lives, we have to listen to yourself, your heart. What to do, where to study, change jobs or continue to sit dumbly put hours, break the outdated attitudes, etc. ? No one but us to solve. Those who cannot decide itself and around relies on someone else's opinion, should think about the relationship with oneself: it looks like there is a low self-esteem, insecurity in their abilities, the recognition that other smarter, wiser and more competent.

And perhaps here lies the desire to absolve themselves of responsibility, if the solution turns out to be wrong. "Tell me what to do meet or do not meet ?, marry or not to marry, stay or go?," they consulted with friends and colleagues. The truth is, sometimes it is not necessary to ask councils ? they fall down on us from all sides, because so many people, so many opinions. And here we sometimes do not listen to your inner voice and try to adapt to other people's opinions and try not to offend anyone. And eventually discover that do not live, and someone else's life.

Not worth SAG under the changeable world ? let better it will sag under us, "sang Andrey Makarevich, along with" time machine ". The one who "stayed over and caught away from steep banks", "was how everyone and floated like everyone else, and here he sailed: no home, no friends, no enemies. … And his life is similar to fruit kefir … ";

2. Us stops the fear of making a mistake and lose

Fear of making a mistake binds, does not think adequately, so whoever is afraid more often fails. People will easily log hazard on Earth, but he could hardly keep his balance if it ask for a pass on the same stem, but which was spanned across the chasm.

"Don't be mistaken, whoever does nothing, popular wisdom says. Means for human error actions ? natural phenomenon. So, you need to change your attitude towards them is not sprinkle ashes on his head, not wasting time on useless regrets "If speculating …" and analyse in order not to step on the same rake twice.

"One broken two nebityh give," they say. Words have survived to this day Christian preacher John Chrysostom who lived in the first century: "in Paradise comes he who after each fall stands up and goes further.

Afraid of making a mistake? Just do it-"just do it" because "only the mellow conquers the sea."

American inventor Thomas Edison who has tens of thousands of failed experiments, said that he had no setbacks. He believed that these experiences helped him to discard the 10 thousand ways that won't work, and allowed to come closer to the correct version. Its opening became possible due to errors.

3. Not love to read

Many prefer to while away the time ? namely beguile ? watching empty entertainment. They are seriously concerned about whom will remain Max with Olya, Alene ? or Tania, quarrels, scandals and primirenijami in different kind of reality show "DOM-2" and broadcasts like "Let's get married!".

"Why spoil the eye strain your brains by reading books, if I've visited in different situations, I have extensive experience, I already know all about relationships and I no surprise?," said one acquaintance. Her tired appearance, blank stare, and she was disappointed by life. There are higher education, but little money, because she was looking for a good job, not a rich man. There are familiar, but no friends because she has become and was nedobrozhelatelna. Read books, think about them, learn to change themselves and their lives for the better, "it's not about her. No wonder she became boring itself. Of such people say they get older with age, but not wiser.

According to psychologists, people who do not read, over time, become more limited, primitive. Reading has a positive effect on the development of special zones of the cerebral cortex that control identity, are responsible for the ability to conduct an internal dialogue, skill talk.

In addition, the book is not only a textbook of life, but also a source of information.

4. Do not seek new knowledge, new experiences and impressions

All brilliant people were curious ? remember the inventor Thomas Edison, physicist Albert Einstein, painter and scientist Leonardo da Vinci and many others, to new discoveries which pushed the curiosity. However, all of the world's greatest discoveries made through it.

Curiosity ? an innate quality. Inquisitive all children: their minds active, they all wonder, incessantly ask questions and demand answers. But if quality is not developed, it gradually disappears. Curiosity is like a muscle the more practice it ?, the stronger it will be.

In order not to lose this valuable quality, without which life becomes monotonous and boring, tormoshim yourself, your brain ? new learning with interest, generate new ideas, exploring different areas of life, do not stop to wonder and to make discoveries, because the world is immense.

"Not utrachivajte over the years, Holy curiosity," said Albert Einstein.

Otherwise, having lived monotonous life, we just have one: wonder what it passed so quickly. As Tatyana Tolstaya wrote, "leaving these people wonder: the holiday is over, and where the same gifts? And gift and was life itself ".

5. Do not ask questions

"It is very important not to stop asking questions. Smart people always asking questions "-these words belong to Einstein. And the American journalist and expert on innovation Warren Berger wrote the book "Beautiful question: how extraordinary questions lead to brilliant ideas", which was translated and the Russian language. Beautiful issue author named question motivating to action that can serve as a catalyst for change.

Ask questions we all start from childhood, but then their there are less and less. But, it turns out, questions can serve as a powerful force not only in everyday life of everyone, but in business, if you learn how to set them properly and thoughtfully. Entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, public figures, on which Warren Bergen tells in the book have in common is that they were masters of set "beautiful" questions and change your life.

The only valid question could push to create a unique product, so some companies encourage employees, specifying questions. American businessmen Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) and Steve Jobs (Apple) owe their success primarily habit to put everything into question. As historian David h. Fischer calls intelligence engines questions ? thought machines "that turn curiosity into a controlled, focused study.

So, if we do not receive from life what waited, just because "met the enemy, and that enemy ? we" (so says a wise character from one of the comics American artist Walter Kelly).

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