5 simple steps to open an online store

Today, as never before, there is a growing demand for online stores. Do not have to spend precious hours on wandering on huge shopping malls and agonizing choices necessary things, quite enough to go on the site you want, enter the query to find exactly what you need and buy by pressing "Enter".

Many young entrepreneurs already understand that it is for the online business, but not everyone knows how to make his present!

In this article we tell you how without skills and experience, having only one desire and step by step following our tips, you will easily be able to realize their dream of starting their own business tomorrow!

The first thing you should start, since it is still about the stores-you need to decide what you want to sell.

Take seriously even the process: not just wistfully think about how you will in the future become the best seller of cars or chocolates and make a list (50-100 items) of the goods that you could really sell. Then select the top 15-this will be your first step to your own business!

It is important to understand that while choosing the goods must take into account not only your wishes, but also the needs of your future customers, because they are the ones you must please to receive income and be proud of yourself!

There are a few basic ways to analyze the market, to which you should refer to the beginning:

  • Wholesale bases your city bazaars and markets
  • Directories and yellow pages
  • Community Vkontakte
  • Past promotions at coupon sites
  • Top products of major online stores
  • Free message boards (avito, hand-to-hand, tiu)
  • wordstat.yandex.ru
  • Major foreign Internet-shops

Having studied all these resources, you will be able to understand that it is now bought by people that evokes interest and desire. And start selling the popular item is the correct approach for the young businessman! In the first phase, it is important to get the experience!

Then, of course, you need to tell the world that you are now a merchant and are ready to offer him exactly what he needs! Method is very simple-create online store itself, namely the site!

You do not need to start panicking, today there is such a phenomenon as websites-designers, which you don't have to worry about software and the various codes or frantically to remember the lessons of Informatics at school!

They are designed very simple, understandable and useful in any of them, you can make online shop in just a few hours, not owning special technical knowledge and skills, not having a domain and hosting, and not even knowing what it is. Here are examples of some of them: nethouse.ru and setup.ru.

Also recently become popular to use landing pages are one-page sites created specifically to collect orders. Among the companies that are building these pages, there are company LP generator (lpgenerator.ru).

And if you are familiar with programming languages and how to configure and migrate free engines and attaching a domain to your site will give you pleasure-we recommend you use the free engines online stores such as www.opencart.com, www.joomla.ru, www.wordpress.org.

And, of course, if you don't have time to dig itself in all the technical snafu, but there is an enormous desire to commence trading-you can order your site from the experts in our days enough for any taste, color and wallet! But be careful, it is very important to give the correct requirements specification, as Web-Studio or freelancers do not always have sufficient knowledge to create selling site.

When all the preparatory part is over-you will be the most difficult and the most interesting thing is to organize the streamlined workflow for purchase, storage, delivery to clients and, most importantly, communicating with the most customers!

Starting your own business, opening its online store, always remember that, even in spite of the fact that in the previous sentence was twice told that this shop "your" it will remain your buyer!

We all know and love the slogan "the customer is always right", but usually remember it only when there are customers. Communicate with your customers, ask them, ask them questions, learn whether they like your service, love them-and then they will love you and your shop!

What is necessary to provide excellent service to your customers? First, the goods which you will them to offer, must be stored somewhere, and then somehow delivered to the customer. Today these questions and find the answers! On top, while calls and orders you comes a little, you can manually process the application and send orders by mail Russia throughout the country.

When your level and increase sales, better leave it to the professionals, counts. Such companies can not only deliver your goods, but also to store them for money. Examples are the following companies: edostavka.ru, pchelkoy.ru, boxberry.ru.

Also you can delegate all internal processes from receiving calls to the storage of goods and courier service companies online stores. For example, examine the Enterprise Services ritm-z.ru.

And, of course, to think about all of this, the demand for your product is required, respectively, it must be advertise!

There is one way in which, not possessing the skills of sales, you can achieve good results is co-operation with inscribed sites. Plus this interaction that your product is being advertised already available, and zamotivirovannoj the audience, because the coupon sites always provide discounts that our buyer is almost a panacea!

Today coupon sites pretty much all their conditions, which, of course, it should be clearly understood; Here are the most popular and large websites: biglion.ru, groupon.ru, vigoda.ru.

Another way to advertise your goods and shop-run advertising campaign in Yandex-Direkte. Today it is one of the most popular and used advertising methods because, firstly, more and more people use the Internet and search engines, and secondly, the most popular search engine in Russia is, as you might guess, Yandex.

Summing up, I would like to say that all of the above will bring you the desired result if you will treat your business responsibly, to its partners, with all due respect to our clients with all the love!

It's not easy, but also not difficult! The important thing is to have the desire to grow and develop, and grow-and then you must succeed at the highest level!

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