5 simple tools to manage a fitness club

Several effective business tools help you streamline processes and save your time.

1. the iPad instead of a cash register

Bulky jobs cashiers and equipment itself takes up a lot of space and technically obsolete. Even from the standpoint of legislation: in particular, with July 1, 2017 year come into force the law on online ticket offices, which obliges to upgrade old cash registers or jump on innovative solutions with constant access to the Internet.

An example of such a solution is an online cash register Cassby, which works on iPad, provides cash and bank cards, collects online stats and provides access to sales from anywhere in the world.

Benefits: optimisation of area of the workplace, the use of modern technology and comfortable interface.

Cost: from 50 000 rubles per set + an average of 1 500 USD/year for the service.

2. Clear tasks for everyone

Fitness Club personnel are staff with very different responsibilities and graphics stay in place. Accordingly, and to communicate with them varies. To not run for every employee, create a single Cabinet for personnel management and goal setting: you can generate Trello work schedule of the whole team and personally appeal to each subordinate personally, just by sending him a notice on smartphone.

5 simple tools to manage a fitness club

Gadgets now have almost all, but even an investment in unpretentious Communicator for those who walk with the old "Nokiej" worth of business did not suffer from unexecuted orders on time.

Benefits: enhanced interaction with the staff, the task scheduling optimization company and save time on communication with each employee.

Cost: $0

3. Customer loyalty

Good coaches are always heavily loaded and worked with dozens of clients per day, without sometimes output. In such circumstances, an application that quickly tells you a couple extra exercise or help without a calculator to calculate your body mass index, not hurt.

Moreover, your customers will be pleased to realize that working with them used modern technology to which they have access. In particular, attention should be drawn to the application pretty much PRO and Pretty 2: in addition to animated exercise instructions and the ability to work without connecting to the Internet, these programs still and translated into the Russian language, which is a rarity for this segment.

5 simple tools to manage a fitness club

Benefits: improved quality of personal training, increase customer confidence in the work of trainers.

Cost: 699 USD. and 129 USD. 1 license for each application, respectively.

4. Promotion in social networks

Your potential clients are active users of social networks, so it is recommended that you use to attract not just phone calls, SMS and print advertisements, but also enable SMM (social media marketing). Social networks also help to communicate with existing members of the Club: promptly notify them about news, special offers and do devote life your fitness club.

However, who lead social networks your business? You yourself will most likely do not have enough time for this, and to hire an individual Freelancer (and so more Agency) for this is expensive. Here come to the aid of online services to manage your social networks. Tell about the most functional of them — PublBox.

5 simple tools to manage a fitness club

It is designed for small and medium businesses, as well as newcomers in working with SMM. Service helps develop a strategy in social media presence, has a convenient content breadcrumb, which depending on your purposes recommends what exactly post offers headings and calculates the optimal time for publication. Built-in design editor contains dozens of themed templates to help you without "Photoshop" to make stylish images to publications.

All this, as well as one-click publishing to all your group really simplify life and optimizes your time by allowing and have attractive accounts and not sitting at the computer day and night.

Use: automation of working with social networking sites, there is no need in SMM and design contractors, the definition of a long-term strategy of reference groups, availability of advanced features (tabs) for the sales organization.

Cost: from $21 per month (2 project, 14 pages).

5. Work with review

How to collect all testimonials together and really become better in the eyes of your visitors, given that most of the positive and negative opinions people leave on special Web sites and their pages.

To control these reactions there are monitoring system is a program that automatically scan websites and social networks and generate reports with links to all the reviews about the company. For example, Brand Analytics service enables real-time notification of new feedback and work with them. Moreover, the program can be set up both on your club name and the names of the coaches and administrators, so you don't miss anything.

5 simple tools to manage a fitness club

Benefits: comprehensive reputation management, feedback, not indexed by search engines, the operational work with feedback, leveling of negativity in social networks.

Cost: from 22 000 USD/month.

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