5 rules of creating a successful online business

Every minute on the Internet appear dozens or even hundreds of people seeking to start your Internet business. New Internet projects, increases competition, which favourably affect existing projects.

Some of the projects created by beginners, become successful and benefit the people, and their creators, fame and money. Or just money. But such projects are not so much.

95-98% of Internet entrepreneurs and their projects are bent, and not having time to become commercially successful. Evidence of this are the closure of new projects, a large number of sites with zero attendance, sites with expired domains, with inscriptions that site under construction, etc. p..

Moreover, the success of projects not directly related to the amount of the initial investment, and proof of projects that were created by large companies or by big capital, but in the end it still flew into the pipe.

KIBU.com (lasted 46 days, lost $22 million.)

One of the first attempted to benefit from interactive portals for teenagers. The company was offering content and chat rooms for teen girls. However, the company became a victim of the unprepared for Internet companies market, rolled the project and returned the remaining money to investors.

Go.com (lasted 3 years, lost $790 million.)

Service from Disney, conceived as a Web portal, the same became known as one of the first chat portals. Later o.com integrated search engine, but it did not help win the visitors. In January 2001 the year Go.com and its search engine were closed, and shares were withdrawn from circulation.

Pets.com (lasted 2 years, lost $150 million.)

San Francisco-based company traded food for pets and related products online, following the trend of online retailers. Despite the presence of more than half a million customers and a very expensive advertising campaigns during NFL Super Bowl United States Championships, Pets.com was unable to find a profitable business model and interested investors, and the company was closed.

Kozmo.com (lasted 3 years, lost $250 million.)

Shop online for books, video games and even a meal with free delivery within hours for 11 major cities. However, the company normally worked only 4 of 11 cities, partly because of ill-conceived business model based on free delivery.

Cuecat.com (lasted 3 years, lost $185 million.)

They developed a scanner in the form of cats, who helped find the product in online shops using barcodes, placed in paper catalogues and magazines. They undertook costly marketing campaigns, produced a newsletter to all subscribers of Wired magazine, but the responses were very critical. The problems have been and with safety-information about 140 000 users were at risk.

Etoys.com (lasted 4 years, lost $100 million.)

Upstart retail online trading cost in its heyday $8 billion, and competed with Toys "R" Us. The company failed when broke down Christmas delivery. KB Toys acquired the assets of eToy, but later got rid of them.

Alladvantage (lasted 2 years, lost $200 million.)

Online advertising agency, which paid its users for viewing ads during online surfing. The company's slogan was "paying for online surfing". The company paid 160 million of its users that still did not save it from collapse.

MVP.com (lasted 1 year, lost $65 million.)

Another online retailer specializing in the sale of sporting goods. Although the company has obtained the support of celebrities such as Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky, had 85 millionoe four-year promotional agreement with CBS, the company was unable to succeed. but a year later the company failed to pay even 10 million dollars owed to CBS. The company quickly collapsed due to the downturn in the sector of online trading.

As you can see, the initial investment is not an indicator of success. Proof: KIBU.com, who spent 22 million dollars and lasted less than 2 months. A comparison can serve as a teen girl Ashley Kollz (Ashley Qualls), which in 14 years, created her site Whateverlife.com, spending $8. But her attendance of a site is more than a million visitors per day, and income exceeds $1 million. in the year.

You can highlight the basic rules that will help you create a successful Internet business. However, before this, you must set yourself a goal that you'll reach, otherwise it makes no sense to read everything written below and, generally, do anything. How to set goals, I wrote a business blog.

Invented-take action!

If you have some idea and desire to implement (or realize something altogether), then check the viability. You can do this by checking the relevance of the service, its necessity to potential users.

For example, by creating a poll on forums, social. networks or sites. You can also find out how many people are looking for information that is directly associated with your future project or to problems that it would solve.

If the demand is there, then drop everything and start the project. No need to think through every detail, start to act, create the project, test it out somehow, such as by showing to your friends. Listen to their opinions.

Keep moving forward, modify the basic functionality of the project. Again show your friends. And so a few times. If they have ideas for improvements, but they they necessarily will, write them down, say thank you and keep working.

Now is the time to think. Pour yourself a coffee, sit back, take a sheet, where the recorded ideas friends read them, think about each item, is it necessary to introduce this functionality? If Yes, then this is worth making now or later?

Thus you must turn out a list of three columns. In the first record all the ideas to implement immediately. The second idea, which need to be implemented later in the last column of the ideas that are not needed.

Don't be afraid!

This is partly the Council, partly rule. Every Newbie in the Internet business is afraid that his idea would not be successful, he would not be able to attract visitors to the site will not be able to sell your info-product, etc. p..

I won't you inspiring. Anything can happen, and the failure of your ideas is no exception. However, you won't know until you try. Moreover, the longer you go, the less chance you have of success.

It's not about the money

Another quite common problem for young businessmen is the desire, even pathological desire to find an investor and start a project for hundreds of thousands, millions in rubles or dollars.

When I launched a major project, I also done justice involving investors, although this has created dozens of other, secondary, but successful projects. Other projects, I try to run solely on their money, with a minimum.

Any project on the Internet you can start on your money, or no money at all. How? Yes easy! If you can program, all super. Write the code, test, and run your project.

If you do not know, look for someone who can take it to the team. Now there are even services that allow you to search for partners, not counting the old-good forums and thematic social. network.

Investment money initially is the problem. By and large they will go to the Office rent, and somewhere in the city centre, car purchase and a trip on the holiday abroad. Spending someone else's money is surprisingly easy.

If you look at success stories of large companies, then they started from scratch and already when grown, attracted investors. The same Google, Facebook and others.

Keep plan b

In the book "Search business model» John Metro and Randy Komisara there are many examples of how companies have become successful enough to change its business model, moving from plan a to plan b.

If the conceived project made but relentlessly brings no finance, then it is not worth beating in the closed gate, as RAM, and it is better to sit down and reconsider your plan a. In most cases, through small changes, you can find another way to benefit!

Believe in yourself!

Seven years ago, when the idea in my head to do Internet business in my success, as is the idea that the Internet can earn money, did not trust almost no one but myself.

I don't blame anybody, people tend to doubt something. The important thing is that I have read the article, watched the video and thought on how you can earn. There were a few moments when I wanted to quit and forget about this idea. However, I do not. Six months later, I got the first, tiny earnings.

These were 167 rubles, if I am not mistaken, that I received for the sale of mobile content on the site. I was happy. Remember with a grin a few smiled and laughed. It was not so much the amount of earnings, but what I've got to earn! Means this is real!

Further forces became even more and, as a consequence, my earnings grew up: 500 rub., 1 000, 3 000, 10 000, etc. p.. The process went. When I was shooting with the card money, everyone who previously doubted silenced …

Always believe in what you do and don't give up. Destiny prepares you, passing through many obstacles that you will succeed, including Internet business.

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