5 rules of fighters that are easy to apply in business

Business is a kind of battlefield, where WINS is the most prepared, strong and confident in own victory. So you want to compare the place with businessmen with a ring, where Boxer. Let's see what the entrepreneur can learn from the athlete.

1. Hone skills

Success in boxing, like in any other sport, is the result of many hours of strenuous workouts. Of course, much depends on the physical training of the athlete, from the time he spent in the gym. You can be as a talented Boxer, possess exceptional physical data to achieve the best results and does not justify the hopes of coach, if being lazy, truant workout and not work hard every day. Success in boxing, like in any other sport, depends on how long the athlete held in the Hall. Remember how behaved heroine Hilary Swank from Oscar-winning film "million dollar baby." For hours she did not go out of the gym, honing skills in sparring with the hero Clint Istuda.

And in business. The more the entrepreneur works, the closer it is to success. Remember the most successful businessmen of our time skolotivshih billions of State, such as Steve jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. They were notable for their amazing work capacity and indefatigability in all that concerned the main case of their lives. The work was for them all. Therefore, the result was not long in coming.

2. To overcome yourself

Athletes are also people. They get tired at some point could no longer endure the pain, cease to believe in themselves, they want to delete the hands and get out of the ring or other places. But the minute the weakness is quick, and they again psychologically ready for battle. And businessmen: almost everyone of them there comes a time when it seems that all the strength at the end, Fortune turned and you want to minimize the work. It is better to close the business, lie on the couch and watch tv. But only those who, despite the fatigue, frustration and many other tests continue their journey eventually end up on top.

3. Endure

Every talented athlete knows that success is not only stunning determination and diligence, but also patience. The path to victory is long and thorny, and rapid success does not happen. However, even if it happens, will soon disappear, as did not happen. And in business: entrepreneur goes on risks, something that donates a lot of years working. So patience is one of those qualities without which it is impossible to businessman cannot take place.

4. Work in solitude

Victory oderzhivaetsja in full view of everyone. But it is invisible, hidden from prying eyes. Athlete trains for years, his sweat and blood — nobody sees you only see the end result. Triumph is the tip of the iceberg, the basis of which work and self-denial. The hard work of the businessman also hidden from prying eyes. He has been working for years to wear, indulge in simple human joys to at some point take the air up and experience the sweetness of victory.

5. Do not be afraid of rivals

To not be afraid of rivals, perhaps more experienced and successful athletes resort to the help of psychologists. Those taught to overcome the fear of a strong contender, tune to win. The business community is not accepted to go for help. But in vain. A coach can help you cope with psychological problems, open a internal reserves, to get rid of fear and trevogii make a leap forward.

It would seem that business and sports have in common? Psychological background! So anyone who wants to succeed in the enterprise, does not interfere with the appeal to experience athletes — learn from them many useful things in life.

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