5 things that women tend to get overlooked in the development of your business

The idea of opening their business visits more women. This is not surprising. In the end, unstable and unpredictable times, the burden of making money often falls exactly on the shoulders.

From my own experience I can say that we are really more adaptable and persistent, and therefore are better able to adapt to difficult conditions and Excel in them. To all the doubters in this you can specify for example 90-s when it is "weak" Paul has proven strong enough to contain many households.

However, having good prerequisites does not mean that absolutely every woman necessarily "obliged" to succeed. Far from it. In comparison with the same 90-minute market has become much more competitive for any young business. But because now, in addition to such typical factors such as general economic conditions, the availability of credit, social capital, etc. d., to consider a number of less obvious points.

Women often forget that business is men's Wednesday. Hence the present there's stiffness and some uncompromising in achieving goals. This does not mean that you have to behave like a man, however, need to be finished that game conditions do not imply loyalty towards the weaker sex. Consequently, policy action have to juggle, being aware of this fact.

1. Do not try to invent an unprecedented "perpetual motion machine"

We often think that we can "jump" above the head and show the world — well, or at least our city — something that nobody else has seen. No doubt, sometimes it's someone and it turns out. However, based on this, its basic strategy of life still isn't worth it. The fact of the matter is that the demand for exotic or products of tomorrow still more characteristic for fat years. And in a situation of ongoing crisis greater success still promise a more familiar and understandable to the consumer need directions. Of course, even when serious recessions are examples of completely fresh startups, but they are exceptions. So, as the Americans say, "keep it simple".

2. Do not try to take all the power in their hands

Nature is inherent, that woman is a competent hostess and hearth, but with a modern twist it sometimes acquires global sense-owner corporations falls on their shoulders all financial and legal liability, which further leads to inevitable failure. And all because the nature of women a greater role played by emotions, making decisions concerning finance, or subordinates are hot head and have serious consequences. In business it is important to keep a cool head and a clear calculation of available funds.

3. Do not consider the business from a position of their own needs

This relates to the notorious creativity where women with their heads immersed in the decor and the future appearance of his brainchild, completely forgetting about a business plan or business project summary. Startup builds on the idea, but implemented by a clear financial and business structure. All emotional and creative side of the project better to postpone the final stages, and the first to devote time and money planning and hiring people who can keep your novoispechennuju structure.

4. Don't use simple copy

Here, at first glance, it can be a contradiction with the previous paragraph shows. After all, if "perpetual motion machine" nobody needs, the most logical under the carbon paper to reproduce someone else's running the case. However, this is not quite true. As mentioned earlier, virtually any market with low input threshold is very competitive now. That is, a female newbie will be faced with more experienced and accumulated certain resources opponents. But because the "head-on collision" with the exact same product or service, is very likely to lead to the loss. But because, ideally, even "model" and demanded business needs its attractive "trick" and your Flers — even all the differences and reduce them to a purely external component.

5. Don't forget about your personal brand

Among the many beginning entrepreneurs there is a perception that imidzhmejkning, its own legend and the development of personal brand is the prerogative of the already established and wealthy businesswoman. This is absolutely wrong. The fact of the matter is that personal brand is not only the world of television spotlights and red carpets. If we discard the external optional attributes, this brand is just well-researched approach to samopozicionirovaniju that is broadcast when communicating with existing and potential customers, counterparties and competitors.

That is, he can run and the owner of a large business empire, and a modest have IP with ambitions. Note, however, that an understanding of this factor still attracts, gradually, its rightful place. So, for example, in my personal case, the service associated with the "packaging" business in personal brand — that is, update the appropriate values and business mission, the formulation of relevant messages, as well as the methods and deadlines for their transmission — occupies an important place. It is a personal brand can effectively serve the same "trick", which will allocate a small start-up from Wednesday. In addition to this function, the brand also works well in terms of confidence and loyalty, build long-term relationships, etc. d. Judging by the fact that the demand for this package I have is growing, I conclude that the personal brand exactly worth thinking about: otherwise there is a risk of losing an important competitive advantage.

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