5 business ideas for online earning without any financial investment

The Internet is filled with business ideas and projects, which at first glance seem futile, but actually are quite viable and profitable. Moreover, the success of leaders become the most reckless ideas and "renovated" old concepts. In the Internet business, as in any other, it is important to be in the right place at the right time, our task is to identify sectors in which business can succeed now.

In recent years, the idea of online business takes many, but not everyone succeeds even when investing initial capital in advancing the cause. Start a business from scratch is very problematic, and aspiring entrepreneurs to start must learn to make at least modest money let to start will be at least 1000 rubles earned independently.

Everything we use today, what was once an idea. For example, in the 60-ies of the last century the company Procter Gamble & decided to implement then seemingly ridiculous idea of disposable diaper. In ten years, someone got the idea to make a pocket calculator. Imagine, even before the eighties 20 century personal computer seemed completely unnecessary thing, anyone would have never came to install it at home. Even the sticky pieces of paper for notes not always existed, but such little things someone makes millions. When it begins to seem that you all have long coined, and new ideas are just not there, take a good look around. So made one American woman, has noticed that the soles of shoes on high heels are perfectly visible. So why not fill the void of stylish sticker? This strange idea proved to be very fruitful.

Such voids a lot and in the Internet space where hobbies or suddenly emerged an idea can be quite profitable. The world's favorite YouTube, for example, has started quite by accident: two friends want to show third party goes. Thus was born the service which initially planned to make a dating site. Famous Ebay was initially free, but over time the auction site, many users have become interested, and now he brings a very good income. These examples are evidence that the original and popular idea can become a profitable business.

Digitizing books

The idea is to scan the books, documents or photos and create their digital copies. This business may engage in every computer owner and scanner. Start-up costs were minimal, with time, it is advisable to buy a high-speed scanner productivity.

On the Internet you can find almost any book when it comes to fiction. With textbooks and manuals are all much harder, although this literature is. Today this niche is almost free, which means it can absorb. Unfortunately, the book before scanning have to cut, but let's hope that soon there will be new models that allow you to make a copy without destroying the paper original. Not long ago, Google employee revealed to the world his invention-a high-speed scanner that runs without human beings. This hybrid vacuum cleaner and scanner allows you to make copies of thousands of pages per hour and a half.

To start this type of business needed a website where your customers will receive information about your service, and will be able to submit and pay for your order. 100 digitized pages worth 1 dollar.


This is a relatively new type of business, but its convenience rated for many, so you can safely take it online shopping way to trade future. The experience of already existing similar shops suggests that guaranteed demand for cell phones, computers, household appliances and video equipment, books, perfumes, shoes, accessories and clothing. Food until our citizens prefer to buy in ordinary shops.

When you open an online store, you must comply with the same formalities as for the traditional store. So start with the registration of an individual enterprise or company. Next, you need to register a domain, hosting and select order management system. Page online store need to infuse quality texts that describe in detail the products and connect to the electronic payment system.

The advantage of an online store that you don't need a warehouse, goods usually pull from a vendor on the applications received. Important connection with reliable suppliers, although it is possible to work at a traditional store. Goods can be mailed, delivered by courier or by using a transport company-it all depends on the specialization of your store. If you manage to properly organize site and attract loyal customers in to your store, your business will be profitable.

Promoting your own site

This business idea is suitable for those who have sufficient experience and knowledge to promote the site. The number of sites, services, forums and blogs on the Internet is constantly growing and becoming more sophisticated topics. Creation and promotion of new Internet resource is not easy. If you know how to approach this case, why not turn the creation of websites in the business?

A good site is estimated to be around 200 thousand. rub. Of these 150 thousand. leave on content creation and 50 thousand. -for purchase links and introduction to the directory Yandex. This is enough to attract regular visitors, who will continue to create their own themes. If a site is specific to update new information page will have you. To promote a niche website, you need to identify key requests for promotion, write content and collect references.

To create a business promotion sites requires a team of professionals with whom you should be interested in his services to potential clients. The best customers are considered firm, promoting products through the Internet, banking, medical and commercial companies.

Filling content sites

Internet sites are constantly updated and require new content. This is the main argument of some advisers to start-ups, offering to do writing or kopirajtingom. Say at once what is writing, "especially through Exchange, does not promise large earnings. And here's specialized services, such as writing resumes, preparing Power Point presentations, contracts, etc. p. can become quite lucrative. If you want to master this area of business, look for an opportunity to create something "special"-Tales for children, editing other people's texts, translations. Owning a copywriting skills can provide a range of services: fill content site, "care" for the firm's blog, promote the brand in social media. It is useful to add to the list of Web and graphic design.

Consulting and coaching

This kind of Internet-based business enjoys a good demand in the West, but we have only started to develop. If you have extensive experience in any field, why not monetize their knowledge and skills? Online advice on marketing, management and entrepreneurship, not surprising, although attracted few. Consumers want to receive valuable tips on quite specific issues: how WordPress works, how to shoot good video without special skills, how to organize a wedding, to cook a goose with apples, etc. d. Organize business can be in the form of subscription blog, webinars, video training courses. Based on the created by interest groups you can organize Internet clubs, for example, fans of preferans card game. It is a good idea to combine an interest in something (antiques, for example) using in the sale or exchange of passions.

In fact, the Internet business is no different from the usual one: in both cases, preserves the chain of customer-artist-buyer or seller-buyer. But the benefits of online business are obvious:

  • Low entry threshold in the business. In any online business you can save at least rent.
  • You can work completely independently, without resorting to the services of employees, which is also quite good.
  • The usual profitability online business-50%.
  • The opportunity to work at a time of your choice, anywhere where there is Internet. Internet market is constantly expanding and the growth will last a very long time.

Business online-full and equitable form of enterprise, more versatile and forward-looking than the classic model. Modern technologies involve the passage of the entire process from request, offer and order for the purchase to payment. While the savings of doing business on the Internet is obvious: storage costs are reduced by 50%, the purchase of material-10%, and administrative expenses by 70%.

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