While it may seem that in the pursuit of customers can be undercut competitors cheaper rates, most orders get freelancers who offer fair price (see. «20 principles of pricing for freelancers). And can clearly explain why they are the best performer for this type of work. Clients are often looking for quality work, and will gladly pay more to someone who a good reputation and who had already performed the work at a professional level.

Consider payment for its work (hourly or per order) to long before the conversation with the client.

6. Learn how to issue invoices and payments

One of the most difficult aspects of a freelancer is the delay of payment, which is difficult to predict. While most corporate employees cannot claim his honestly earned money because they receive them regularly every month. But they'll have harder freelancers display customer invoice for payment and in some cases several times to recall the payment.

Be aware that a client might delay with payment even in those moments when you are most in need of money. No need to fear a situation where you'll have to call and find out why payment was not on time.

7. Thoroughly examine the industry

Whoever you are-as a programmer, designer, copywriter, you need to constantly improve their skills and to monitor the success of colleagues in the industry. Go to courses, seminars, annual big industry conference. This does not prevent even the employees, but it is vital for the Freelancer: continuing to grow professionally.

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