3 stories about how Russian entrepreneurs earn bitkoinah

The easiest way is to invest in kriptovaljutu, but it is very risky-bitkojnov rate varies so much that it is hard to imagine. Imagine: in 2008, one in the bitcoin cost only one cent. In just 5 years in 2013 year its price has already reached 1 000 United States dollars! Could be so earning! -you say you are partly right (see. Norwegian student became a millionaire by buying bitcoins for $27 ").

Why partly? In the autumn of the same year, the value of bitkojna 2013 collapsed from 1 000 to less than 400 United States dollars.

More reliable t. n. venture capital investments to the infrastructure kriptovaljuty. Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, transferred in the Internet business and Vardan at this and Lev Leviev-founder of vkontakte in 2013 year invested money in startups, associated with bitkojnami. Milner has invested in the development of business the company's purse Haro millions euros. Leviev turned out to be more modest, investing a total of 500 thousand euros he BlockTrail that tracks transactions in bitcoins.

These transactions are available, and everyone has the opportunity to see how much bitkojnov IM already extracted. Back in 2011, 2011. naohotu for kriptovaljutoj can be sent from a personal computer, and in 2012, 2011. already have a server farm with multiple video cards. Today used expensive chips. Prey bitkojnov employed tens of thousands of people, not thinking about what their actions do not bring any benefit to the real economy.

Several projects with bitkojnami by as former Russians, have been selected by Forbes magazine.

Money from your code

In St. Petersburg, on the territory of an abandoned company until may 2014, the year was impossible to be from 50-gradusnojtropicheskoj heat. So many strange phenomenon created 18 farms with graphics cards, 24 hours a day producing bitkojny. Business organized George Basiladze and Dmitry Gunjashev. Rent the farm together with the device cost 2 million rubles, and earnings reached 4 million recyclers. Gunjashev told that their platform is known to him. He was frequenting the premises with 80 farms. But Russian miners (bitkojnami hunters) are reluctant to work in Russia, preferring instead to China, where the electricity is cheaper and are issued special chips instead of outdated graphics cards. The businessman told about reasons for folding hunting for bitkojnami-expensive electricity, costs of acquisition and maintenance of equipment, rent of podorozhavshaja. When bitkojna fell, business became unprofitable.

But the partners and the thoughts were not to abandon operations with bitkojnami. Partners complement each other well: Gunjashev owned online retailer of electronics, versed in programming and online sales. Basiladze worked in the Finnish Investment Bank Evli, nice focusing in the IT-technologies and banking. Farms were sold and the money invested in the company, which jekvajringom calculations and sale of bitcoins in EU. At the beginning of last year Gunjashev moved with his family to London and founded the company Cryptopay. Unexpectedly turned out to be difficult to open a bank account-the bankers could not understand what exactly they intend to deal with the Russians. Only six months later managed to convince two small bank.

So the Kingdom opened acquiring service for bitkojnov, which soon became to offer their services in the EU. Today they have a lot of customers, mainly shops and restaurants. Every businessman has the right to charge for their services in bitcoins. The account comes already usual currency-dollars, pounds or euros. So removed the risk of volatility.

Using the mobile phone of the customer, the program quickly converts Cryptopay bitkojny in the usual currency and transfers money for other purposes. For service clients pay 1% of the amount.

Most users live in Germany, France and England. And relationships with Russian customers had to stop-the public prosecutor of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION asked businessmen to host bitkojny.

The Russians already have competitors. In London, American Coinbase, and works in the EU, too, have a similar company, for example, Swedish Safello. Dogs sold for $100 000 16% Cryptopay Hong Kong Seedcoin. Today the company staff amounts to only 5 people, but despite cheaper bitkojna, transaction volume increases, the company has become profitable. The founders are going to soon bring in Cryptopay 500 ths. dollars of investment.

Dominican Exchange

MapQuest, according to ReactOS project coordinator as well. Bragin, should become an alternative to Windows. After repeated requests by the State to finance the project money and not allocated, it was therefore decided to make them otherwise.

The ReactOS team consists of 10 000 programmers from around the world, working in their free time without pay. Programmer from Russia told Bragin on kriptovaljute. The interested, got one more and decided the bitcoin does not engage. But the fluctuations were Alexei kriptovaljuty at the thought of creating this currency futures contracts. He did not believe that the idea will be interested in the stock exchanges of New York and Chicago, so having borrowed 100 thousand dollars, launched the ICBIT platform, attracting programmers everywhere.

The Foundation created by the Exchange based on the principles of work exchange in Moscow, where and. Bragin at one time worked on robots for futures. Playground itself is registered in Dominica and now works there only 8 staff members. Established Exchange became the first selling derivatives calculated bitcoins, bitcoin-dollar futures contracts. ICBIT extensive use of 15 000 of traders, among which small investors and private persons.

Exchange also enjoys success among miners bitkojnov, who want to protect themselves from falling off course. Exchange Commission-0.0001 0.0003-bitkojna with the contract. Playground suddenly found himself a monopolist, so exchange revenues are growing fast. The only competitor-Bitcoinica recently collapsed.

A. Bragin declares a decent rate of return, which allows to count on development. Borrowed 100 thousand. dollars he returned back in 2012, and is currently in talks with British venture capital funds for investment.

Control bitkojnami

In the Office as well. Kiriyenko As Well. Knyazeva. Maslyakova with 2007 g. was a hedge fund Global Hedge, trading of different financial instruments. A small Fund (8 million. dollars) soon had to close. One of the companions admitted that they have earned nearly half a million euros.

There were plans to open a brokerage company in Malta, which was registered soon. Programmer Knyazev carried away bitkojnami and detail followed their course, and he at that time fell from 30 to 1 dollar, then scored again. Speculative opportunities kriptovaljuty away the companions, and they illuminate the idea to create the Foundation Fund in Bitcoin bitcoins.

Bank account opening procedure existed. Long Bank regulator and the banks themselves could not understand what constitutes a bitkojny, as they earn, Exchange and store. Officials do not understand how money can be stored on storage media. Difficult obstacles still managed to overcome, and in 2011, 2011. HSBC Bermuda still opened the scoring. Problem was, and Exchange, where one could buy bitkojny. Knyazev remembers that all existing exchanges were or private firms, or personal accounts of individual programmers.

The Fund's strategy is not difficult-just bought bitkojny partners. One share corresponds to one bitkojnu. For trading profits to pay is not necessary. There is a fee for asset management-1.75% per year and the Commission for operations is 0.5%.

Associates say that invested in the purchase of a lot of personal funds. In addition, the participation of hedge funds, smaller companies, some banks, whose name is kept secret. One cost-50 13 bitcoin dollars United States. In the best of times, the Fund owned 94 000 to 100 million bitkojnami. dollars. The Fund has an absolute record for the income percentage is 6 400%. Once rose to bitkojny $1 000000, they were immediately sold and lost "up to 12 000 bitkojnov. Through money earned Capital Fund grew to 18 million. dollars.

The success was due to the financial experience of companions. So, bankruptcy Exchange Mt. GOX avoided only because bitkojny were not on the arena floor.

Knyazev told also about attempts by hackers to hack the purse Fund. Have developed several degrees of protection, and bitkojny stored in different countries. For example, protection is not allowed to operate from one geographical point-had to be present in two places at the same time.

But the market does not allow you to relax-now appeared serious companies that compete with the Fund. Recently, for example, announced in the bitcoin-Fund on the NASDAQ. But partners are optimistic, as evidenced by the fact that part of their savings left in the Fund. Confidence in the good run business based on the fact that kriptovaljuta has become frequently used in calculations and estimated growth potential bitkojna if not in 1 000%, then at least 500%.

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