10 cruel truths about life that will make you stronger

1. Someday there will be no tomorrow for us

Every day on our planet is dying, many people, and every one of us knows that when someone comes and his term. But this term appears somewhere in the distant future. Obviously, as nature intended: people seldom think of death, because if they remembered about it daily, lapse would be depressed.

And yet, that "nothing is forever under the Moon" does not interfere in mind when we daily «feed themselves breakfast. " That is, postpone until tomorrow what you should do immediately. There is usually 72 hours, the essence of which is the following: If you have not implemented his plan, so you do not ever.

Every day promising a fresh start tomorrow, we allow ourselves to squandering precious hours and minutes, forgetting that time is the most precious thing a man can have. And indeed, some say that "nadyshishsja" not before death: especially keenly feels the taste of life only when he faces mortal danger.

Memento mori, or remember the death ? says catch phrase, and life takes on meaning only when we do not forget. And as if we were not bad, need to thank life, because in these moments can someone desperately fight for it.

2. We have not always everything will turn out the way we want it

In youth we all have big plans for life. Students who write essays on the topic of "who do I want to be", called the successful and popular profession, suggesting interesting prosperous life. But that's after many years when some classmates unwittingly come to mind classic line: "Dreams-dreams where your sweetness?" to which someone added prose: "Dreams are gone, yuck.

So what's the deal? And that, starting a new business, many are counting on a quick positive outcome, and if their expectations are not met, forever retreating. In fear of meeting new setbacks and difficulties, they reconcile themselves with dullness, boredom and routine.

You need to be alert to the fact that life is a struggle, where the winning alternate with lesions. And there are no victories without defeat. "All that does not kill us makes us stronger."

3. All I know is that I know nothing

So said the Greek philosopher Socrates. But the nevezhestvennee man, the more he is sure can be an expert in all fields of knowledge, and is taken to teach others how to act in a particular case. "Dwell in the dark against your own ignorance ? this is the disease of ignoramuses," wrote American Theosophist Henry Olcott.

And the more educated the person, the more he realizes that no matter how he tried to get to know all is not possible. Mouths Pierre Bezukhova Leo Tolstoy said: "we can only Know that know nothing. And a higher degree of human wisdom.

4. Someone else will always have more than we

Life is not a competition where we absolutely must jump higher or run faster than others. Here everyone must go his own way. There will always be someone who has more money, better House, more modern machine, prettier wife or smarter kids. In the pursuit to "outrun" someone, you can skip the important moments of their lives.

In addition, based on the desire to Excel in everything lie dissatisfaction with their lives and envy feelings destructive personality ?.

Say, you don't need to compare ourselves with other ? only with myself: yesterday and today myself myself, thinking how much more successful and richer than we have for this day.

5. There are things that we cannot control

They occur irrespective of our will, and our excitement, nothing will change. In particular, we do not control the actions and deeds of other people, some natural phenomena.

Trying to control something that defies control, we unnecessarily tie up their emotional energy and time, and as a result feel frustrated and exhausted. Experiencing unnecessary emotions, we distract ourselves from more important and pleasant Affairs and do not let yourself become happy.

6. We cannot change the past

Who does not have to regret the past! We are back in it for different reasons: remember those who've passed away, lose some situation where we behaved no better, mentally trying to rectify the situation. And maybe pick up words that would like to say, but at the right moment they have not come to mind. Or regret that made or not made and wonderfully may have our lives be like if we took a different decision.

In any case, we can say that we are occupied by masochism, bringing yourself mental suffering. And as a result feel unhappy.

"Someone who lives past, denies this.

7. Not all friends, whom we consider the best stay we are true

We buy friends in school, Institute, work ? them becomes more and more people that we are good and fun. But the older we get, the less their remains. It can be said that the number of jumps in quality.

The French writer ?mile Michel Cioran jokingly remarked: "Only in his youth there is a desire for friendship and the ability for it. Old same person it is clear that he is afraid of, how would his friends did not survive.

But seriously, for life we acquire experience, change: changing our attitudes, interests, social circle. Just change and our friends. And it is not surprising that some of them go from our lives, and others come. And that's fine.

8. Someone will not love us

And this will be no our fault. We can be beautiful or not very successful or failing, rich or poor, and someone will be perfectly treated us just like that. And someone just so we will barely moved. And there is nothing we can do about it.

Because those who do not like us, there will be another parenting, lifestyles, priorities, mood, and perhaps envy. They can even openly express their dislike, but we must treat this detached, and never try to earn their love. Their relationship is their choice personally, and we maintain self-esteem, optimism and friendliness and, if possible, avoid people who can hurt us. We should worry only what we ourselves think about yourself.

9. No one is obliged to make us happy

In the childhood of our happiness is cared for parents, and for the happiness we need at this age quite a bit. As adults, we sometimes expect that it will fall down to us on the head, although it is clearly not itself represent, in what form.

Such uncertainty and false expectations are very harmful, because in the expectation that somebody happiness you can spend the rest of your life. So the sooner we understand that us nobody should, the better for our future.

The only person who can make us happy, is ourselves.

10. Comfort zone is not so good

Comfort zone is a place where we are well, calmly and safely. This is the world to which we are accustomed to, where all the familiar and predictable. Why go out from this zone, because it is a risk?

It turns out that this is necessary, otherwise we stop to grow, grow as a person and gradually degrade. So much so that the older we get, the harder it is for us to leave a familiar environment and do something new. Exit the comfort zone is the only way to human development.

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