10 tips to attract new customers in the restaurant business

Open a restaurant is not easy, especially in our time. Even more difficult to effectively manage it. The cornerstone in the restaurant business-satisfied customers who become permanent. Such clients do not Exchange restaurant even on new, enticing and more cheap seats. It is vital for restaurants to win loyal customers — faithful and dedicated. Those who will talk about the restaurant friends arrange a banquet here for his birthday and send relatives here.

Tell how to increase customer loyalty in the restaurant business. By the way, ideas and ways of working in all areas of business.

1. Examine the target audience

You are engaged in at the design stage and starting a business. Now, when the restaurant is already working, again check the image of your guest. What age, what are the interests, concerns, needs? He looks, listens, reads and as prefers to rest? As a caf?, a restaurant can help him in solving problems?

If you are focused on couples, think about the children's playground and check whether it is in the zone of visibility, whether parents are constantly supervised.

And if the restaurant is in a zone of child-free, i.e. downtown, create all the conditions for Office workers were able to relax after work at your institution.

To determine the CA frequently use principle 5W: 5 questions to ask yourself about potential guests:

  • Why is why guests will go to you? Only to eat or relax event?
  • What is that you ask them? Cuisine, atmosphere, live music, concerts?
  • Who is who they are, your guests? Students, "white collar" people with status?
  • When — when they visit you? After work, at lunchtime on the weekends?
  • Where clause (where?) — where they will find you? On the first floor of the business centre, in a residential area, shopping center?

Method is simple, and at the same time. Now you know your client's portrait remains a hit catchphrase right on target — see Tip No 2.

2. Direct advertising on CA

To promote restaurant can be different: from banal dropping leaflets to mailboxes to large PR-actions involving journalists and the stars. To use the advertising budget rationally, it is important to orient advertising precisely on the CA.

Suppose your restaurant is located in a residential area. It is expected that the guests will visit it during off-hours, with family and children. It is important to declare the presence of restaurants in this area will cope with this task booklets and leaflets, advertisements in local publications, simple ways until leaflets under windshield wipers of cars in the yard — immediately eject, but the information about the restaurant "around the corner" on the body.

If you open an institution on the street with dense traffic, need roadside billboards that promise to feed delicious and fast. Finally, restaurants in business centers are usually advertised cities near business centers, industry publications, and business directories. In the latter case, it is appropriate to organise business restaurant-breakfast, a product presentation or a workshop, and then communicate this information to a target audience. Good effect gives you contextual advertising and SMM.

3. Find your character

Around the client hundreds of restaurants, cafe, Brasserie, restaurants, Gastropub, Grill bars, and so on. To succeed, your should be different.

Find your zest: interior details, focus on individual products, tasting sets from the chef or particularly good combo dinners, if this student cafes.

Maybe in your restaurant the chef comes out to visitors and personally asked how they liked the dish? Once at the restaurant Il Grappolo notorious Aram Mnatsakanov often selected guests cell phones, because here were these rules of the game. And put up guests any status. Such was the nature of the place, and it is most evident in communication with staff.

Nature should be bright so you can count on the fact that the client will be so pleased with a restaurant that will tell about it to friends and colleagues, to lay out a photograph in via instagram with your hashtag and invite here visiting business partners. Strive to create your character and not be afraid to be different — that is the ultimate goal.

4. Create a system of sincere hospitality

No ways will not help if the job is not configured for waiters and other staff. Disgruntled garderobshhica or grumpy security guard struck through all of your efforts to create a cozy atmosphere and high-quality cuisine. With an emotional component influences the guests more than functional: they can forgive any hitch in cooking, but will not forgive the waiter sluggish, indifferent or with a stone face.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply make staff smile and be joyful-raised: sincere emotions are possible only with total comfort.

Staff certainly must know the service standards: how to approach, take the order, setting the table, to main dishes, make an account, clear the table and so on, but it should not look like schooled and soulless COG restaurant cars.

Try to recruit waiters who love people and are ready to take care of them, not throwing on the run, "you liked it?", and really interested in impressions guest. Maybe not so important whether the waiter takes the plate, as he smiles and talks to him.

5. Work atmosphere

A person can survive without food for a week and no air is only 5 minutes. So even in the restaurant is vital air, more precisely the atmosphere.

That touches a guest in a good institution? Not exactly a kitchen, prepare today everywhere good. Service standards also almost brought to perfection. The atmosphere remained — the thin fabric, which makes coming back to this place again and again. It is the sum of the parts: Interior, music, lighting, ventilation, parking spaces and much more. And the higher the level of the institution, the greater is the role of intangible factors, cuisine and service go by the wayside.

It all depends on the positioning: atmosphere can be romantic, as in a French restaurant, or brutal, as in the American Pub. Keep its features and themed activities. Maybe you organize a cooking master class for clients. Or even national cuisine with performance artists. And maybe, in your restaurant in the evening, singing waiters, and guests love them singing along, as in Saint Petersburg "Ribeye"?

6. Gratify guests WOW effects

WOW-effect is when the guests get more than expected. Think about what you can offer them, not spending a lot of money on it:

  • greet the guest by name, if he came in the second, the third time, etc. d.;
  • put paper post-it notes and pens if the guest has booked a table for business meetings;
  • treat guests in the winter warming drink, until they choose to order dishes;
  • give your children a client branded chocolate, not stated in the menus and promotional materials;
  • servirujte in a special table for those who celebrate you have any event.

Such trifles do not cost anything for you, but it is about them will tell friends and colleagues by running "sarafannogo radio".

7. Consider discount system

Most experts agree that restaurant business: map of the institution should be. And not necessarily to provide discount: high social status of clients may not understand if they offer a discount in 10% for all other visits. "Thanks, no problems with money," is what they can answer. Therefore, for such a service may issue some "club cards" that give admission to special events-wine tasting, dinners, master-classes. For an audience of family restaurants profitable when returned to the map part of the sum spent in the restaurant. This causes them to return.

Good work banquet of bonuses: for example, a gift certificate for a certain amount at the celebration banquet. Guest may transfer the certificate to another person, this expands the audience. As the saying goes, married myself, "help" to another.

Guest card is not always should give discount is also a way to feel certain privileges and join the Club. As you already understood, when designing a discount system is extremely important to take into account the target audience. After all, student caf?s and bars, on the contrary, the 5% discount card will already be more effective than all the other options.

8. Make people photographed you

The reality is that today the restaurant should be primarily photogenic. People photographed food, make selfi and postjat you-know-where. Amateur pics of food become a recommendation from the visitors and a powerful advertising tool, able to encourage others to come and try. We all have more confidence in reviews with real photo than just text. So, the chef and the whole team must work to ensure that the dishes were fotogenichnymi. But this is only the first step.

Many institutions go further and create a special fotozony (not only for banquets and standing). So in Volgograd Caf? Marusya standing tantamareski in the form of dolls, decorated with ornaments and branded hashtag establishments. Here photographed not only children, but also adults, and immediately postjat their dolls in the network, providing the hashtag. Caf? marketers say that a week such images attract 100-200 page subscribers Caf?, while not spending a dime on those.

Do reposty pictures of satisfied guests on his official page, and you will create sustainable positive Association. Encourage people to be photographed with you — think of funny tag or a character who will reflect the nature and specifics of your institution.

9. Do not neglect the master classes

Who among us does not want to touch the secrets of gourmet cuisine? Masterclass from chef at your favorite restaurant is a nice feature that is sure to be in demand by customers. Immediately say that it is important for institutions of higher class, where the average check is high enough. Here will teach "how to cook Jamie Oliver», and this once again underline the status of institutions and live up to the great amount of prices.

In schools, targeted at the middle class, well baby master classes on cooking pizzas, pastries, desserts, and other simple things, which they immediately and are eaten. In Moscow the mass of establishments where work on weekends the whole "school kitchen hands, and as practice shows, there is no shortage of willing.

In the network of Ginza Project went even further and offer a small visitors not only the cooking classes, but also educational, artistic and theatrical events. With them are involved in entertainment, actors, bartenders, chefs and other specialists. Of course, for the target audience of families with children ", this policy will give its results.

10. Be flexible

That will be in your restaurant, if a guest asks for an extra spoonful of sour cream in Borscht? What if the kitchen closes at 23.00 and guest agreed that it still feels like a dessert, 23.01? Or: a guest orders a business lunch and wants to get a bread basket. But it comes only with the dishes on the main menu. How your staff will resolve this situation?

Ask yourself how much you are willing to waive the rules and standards for the sake of the guest. To whom do your rules: for the convenience of business or comfort guest? I want to remind that to deny the visitor is extremely unprofitable, especially if the situation itself is trivial.

New restaurants usually try to satisfy all requests of the guests. Unfortunately, the restaurant works longer, the more it becomes well established business processes, the more difficult it becomes, and the fewer rules there are thinking, for whom these rules are installed. Do not make this mistake.

Undoubtedly, the rules and a clear accounting policies are necessary, but possible go towards wishes, do not hurry to say "no, it's impossible." So you get the most loyal customers and reach the ultimate goal of prosperity.

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