10 simple rules to achieve goals

Just going to work is not enough. You must be energetic person, constantly develop skills and scale. Creating a life, which always dreamed of can be the hardest thing you ever did, but to achieve this dream and make it as early as possible is worth it.

Contrary to what asserts Frank Sinatra in his song My way, most people have too many regrets about life. There are many people who look back and wish they did more and go for their dreams with greater energy, persistence and a high level of effort. Most of them can even now "playing at full, holding the cause that will bring the most revenue and create more opportunities. So why wait until the end of his life to realize all the dreams?

Here are ten fundamental truths from the author of 12 books and best-sellers, entrepreneur and multimillionaire, motivation and sales expert Grant Cardona, which you need to learn in order to begin to bring their dreams to life:

1. Success is difficult

You need to get up before dawn and linger until night. Be prepared to do everything to improve the Affairs of the company, at any cost. Because unique be difficult, because otherwise everyone would be just manufacturers of the goods. If you really want to succeed, you need to be prepared to make gradual steps to achieve goals. Success is difficult, but it's worth it to provide you financial freedom.

2. Find your niche

You should invest all their energy in what really new on the market and go ahead of your competitors. Today so many places where there are people who do not have growth potential. They have a career ceiling, and it is very low, so they did not realize its potential. Find a place that will give you the opportunity to realize all your goals and jump above the head.

In order to find something that will be a success for you, you must not only do what we can, but constantly trying something new. Correct approach will determine what you can do, but never did and try, because the only way you will be able to clearly tell your it or not. Do you do routine work and just sit in the Office, and always dreamed of being a traveler, and the only success factor in this case was always money? Take a map in hand, fold in the backpack with everything you need, go out on the road and catch attempt — surely you're lucky and it will be the most exciting adventure in your life.

3. Consistently attain and develop skills

Le Borgne James would not get in the NBA without training, and I wouldn't have a sales specialist, sitting on the couch and eating popcorn. Training is needed and you need to find tools that will help you achieve your goals. Only enthusiasm can bring you as far as possible, and it is born of the successful results, and lead to the result of exercise.

4. Surround yourself with people who you support

Environment is very important. And if you're surrounded by people who all live in order to reach low targets, only then you need to generate a new environment until the old is not tightened you on the bottom. Communicate with people who will motivate you to achieve and strive for ambitious goals.

Also on the environment depends on the direction of the business, because if you want to become an owner of a multi-million dollar IT-companies and go only to Club butterfly lovers, then chances are you will become a great entomologist, but not IT-specialist. Focusing on the goal of your surroundings, you will succeed only to the extent that succeed are those who surround you. If everyone around you is sick or perform poorly, if they can't, then eventually you will suffer the same as everyone else.

5. Purpose = potential

Your goals should match your potential. If you think about it, most people realize that setting goals is far below its capacity, its potential, and this happens because we are convinced that it is necessary to think realistically and set goals is much smaller but achievable. Everything put ordinary purpose, and you try to stand out and put the new level!

I read a lot of books about setting goals and have seen many people who set goals and then renounced them, considering that the aim is too high and it is impossible to achieve. But if you think so, then who will inspire the Middle goal? How we vdohnovimsja, relying on the average result? Therefore, the goal should be big and strive to reach and surpass even their plan!

6. Not compete, be the first!

Dominate your field is the level of activity in their business, to which you should strive for. Why compete when you can go a few steps further calm walking? Your goal is so interest the customer in your product to bring with you some might compare, because you are the best there is on the market. To stop competing on the market grow your brand and make thus your product more valuable. One client told me: "I can conclude better deal with so and so", to which I replied: "this deal is not prilagajus I. Sign here and finish on this. " And he signed.

7. Maximize the organize your life

If in life, in the House in a relationship everything on the shelves, and move on with their lives easier. You can find everything very quickly, fold and tell. You need a minimum of things and always leave room for souvenirs. Thanks to you more quickly find the desired phone number and contact the right people, respectively, quickly agree on that need.

Successful people are constantly saying that without its own life can not escape, because future advances depend on detailed meetings, transactions.

8. Do more than promise

It is difficult to imagine how much action and what scope do really successful people. Whatever they were, the owners very rarely say do nothing — they are busy even on vacation! Sometimes they inspire surrounding Act big, too, and more and more people become successful. It is the desire to do more than planned and this gives us enthusiasm and lead us to great success.

While successful people always are short-term plans in detail and immediately start out to make up for 10 minutes after another short plan, and thus achieve the great goals that you have outlined. This raises the following rule.

9. Think only about "now"

For successful people there are only two times: now and the future. Unsuccessful people spend most of their time in the past and the future are looked upon as an opportunity to postpone something for later. Successful people are acting right now; for them it is that time is the ability to create the future they want, with the aim to dominate their surroundings.

Stop thinking about what can be postponed for tomorrow! Do today, and now strive for ambitious goals.

10. Rejoice changes

When change comes to us, we are always naprjagaemsja and are waiting for a definite catch because accustomed to that during the change must come in a fist and try to keep what we have, or may lose something.

Nobody likes change what works, but the period of changes is seeking new vectors of development of that scale company and lead to greater profits, perhaps even in 10 times more.

Successful people with open hands to meet changes and they sincerely rejoice, because change is time to search for new opportunities and capture new markets. Changes need not resist — rather, they must continually inspire you.

In my life I realized their mistake, the largest of which still regret, it is not that I didn't work or was sitting on the couch, no I worked, and there was no time to sit on the couch. Most of all, I regret that didn't set goals in 10 times more that I'm talking about in his book "rule in 10 times more". Follow these ten rules, and you are guaranteed to go in your career where you want to be. Embody your dreams and don't wait for old age.

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