10 reasons why your business needs a progressive applications

Battling for their audience in the digital and mobile space, representatives of e-commerce are trying to invent new ways of communication with users. Their dream is a versatile tool that will have the functionality of the site, but will operate as a Mobile app. In 2015 year Google started for the realization of their dreams and Progressive Web App is a kind of symbiosis Web resource and application with the best functional features of each of them, without having to download from Play Market and able to work without access to the network. Impressive?

With all the features of technology, it has many advantages for ecommerce.

1. Mobile apps create problems

Yes, traditional applications much easier to mobile browsers and sites, but only after they are installed. A user must pass before it 5-6 steps, each of which bounce rate reaches 20% from installation. The PWA has to offer? Their loading is automatic and occurs when you first visit the site page.

Despite the problematic installation, applications like users — they account for about 90% of mobile traffic. Self-contained, comfortable, functional — they attract users, but those judging on the first item, want to avoid the installation process. PWA will help them in this Setup requires just one click away, talking about consent user to install.

3. Progressive applications operate everywhere

More precisely, in any one of the gadgets, virtually all systems, the most common Web browsers, and even when there is no access to the Internet. It deprives business owners development cost unnecessary communication tools like mobile site or application for iOS.

4. An identical display without binding to the gadget

No matter which device users, use PWA always will give them the same picture, keeping the user experience up to date. No doubt, those users who enjoy priority resources regardless of location, will be pleased.

5. PWA took the best from a site or an application

Rest assured, this is only the best features to ensure the highest level of usability. Thus, progressive applications have and are indexed by search engines URL, but they allow you to send notifications to the smartphone and create shortcuts on the main screens. Work offline and waiver of installation problem will be a pleasant bonus.

10 reasons why your business needs a progressive applications

6. Easy update of PWA

Remember how many negative emotions causes update applications on your Smartphone. All these hang-ups, long load, filling available memory … Progressive applications, unlike mobile is updated almost instantly, and the upgrade process starts only when you visit an interesting resource. By the way, right after that before his eyes appears already revamped interface.

7. Substantial savings in development

Profitability create communication tools is the main indicator of efficiency. And here also wins PWA. Firstly, it does not require multiple versions for different operating systems. Secondly, during its development involves a much smaller staff. Yes and then it just costs business owners cheaper — at an average cost of traditional application in 20-80 thousand. $ rate PWA is 6-20 thousand. $.

8. High speed of work

Saving the majority of user data in the cache significantly improves the speed of the PWA in comparison with conventional applications. Representatives of e-commerceocenjat this indicator, because, as we know, speed work directly affects performance ranking, SERPS, conversions, loyalty of users and overall financial performance.

9. PWA does not require advance in application stores

Because progressive application you do not need to place in stores applications eliminates the need to promote them. What's more, stores will not be able to block and delete your application, which will limit their impact on your business.

10. PWA can be used in the corporate purpose

For example, for business automation. With similar functionality, advanced business applications cost entrepreneurs much cheaper and open up more opportunities.

Note that this is not all the benefits that a business can gain from technology Progressive Web App.

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