10 rules for creating startups from the founder of LinkedIn

Before you open a case, decide whether your product is in demand on the market? What is its uniqueness and competitiveness, how quickly he can conquer an existing market, or is it to create a new one?

For example, in the case of LinkedIn it, its creator-Reid Hoffman, analyzed the existing situation at the time, came to the conclusion that his product, users will be provided with a larger audience than they would if they used a system of ads in newspapers or on Web sites. He has bet that and won. More precisely, ripped off completely deserved them.

The globality of targets

Regardless of what you zamahivaetes, your work will have the same attachments. Simply put, you can, starting your own business, dream about a little shop on the corner, as apofeoze their accomplishments, and you can wipe and worldwide network. Regardless of the objectives, their personal labour, effort, sweat, blood, and emotional energy you spend the same. Then, paraphrasing a famous advertising phrase you can say if the costs are the same, then why do we dream?

From this point to the conclusion that you must navigate to the global goal of products that either will prevail in an existing market, or create your own unique market.

Throwing the network

Quite common myth that behind every successful startup worth unique idea that belongs exclusively to the owner. Actually the owner of successful startups just skillfully uses the wrong brains, not free, of course. And the most successful are the entrepreneurs who have been able to attract to your business the most creative and forward-looking staff and, of course, investors.

Plans for success and failure

Starting any business, you need to be prepared as to the success and failure of your brainchild. With luck as such, varies very little. The principle applies here, rather "who first come …". Success is when your project that is called just went, and you're already working on its improvement and expansion. And failure … not even a failure, and failure is when your initial idea is not what does not bring the expected income, and simply "No."

In this case, to avoid really failure, you must have an alternative option. Let it be not so brilliant as the original, but at least it will be. Therefore, starting any project take care and options cover. Leave something on "rainy day", and not "all tale spread cards on the table"

Perseverance and flexibility

Quite often we hear from many successful people opposite tips of how to achieve success in any case: "be persevering in achieving goals! Not svorachivaj with the chosen path and the success you achieved! "and" towards a goal you have to be able to be flexible and adapt to changing conditions! Only able to change an entrepreneur will succeed! ".

It is impossible to say which of these councils is the true and false. The main secret of success is precisely that: is that only a true businessman able to feel when to persevere and when to achieve success you must yield to the pressure of the market, or apply a synthesis of flexibility and perseverance. The most successful way to achieve success is maneuvering transfer these two extremes.

For the first release may well be ashamed

Starting a new project, the temptation is to put on the market obkatannyj product, as its testing and fine-tuning to perfection you will spend too much time, that you would be able to reach a wider audience. Deficiencies may be corrected as a matter of course, and here's the lost audience is no fix. The more that your ideas about what should be the consumers never will meet real needs and desires of the consumers.

The more that you expect to reach the widest possible audience, and "each other is not nazdravstvueshsja. So carefully fostered the program you have to repeatedly change, and change it will be much less painful and expensive if it originally did not require excessive efforts at resurfacing.

Strive for perfection without fanaticism

Running your project, be ready in advance that his promotion would be different, and often very much from you. That is why you need to start looking at how it (the project) is used to adjust its development. To do this, you must have a feedback with your target audience, to meet their needs. Remember about the previously specified flexibility.

Don't forget about marketing

For the success of your product not only that you know that he's the best on the market. Need to know about it and potential users. So you need to think through and way of conveying information about your product to its consumers.

Competent personnel selection

It is the first employee you hired and determines what will be your future team, because he will hire a second and third. And then the process will already knurled Groove. It seems self-evident that hiring experienced people it is beneficial to all. But! Market requirements change and today just at breakneck speed. And experience just a few years ago, often fails, and. From this it follows that you should hire people to experienced, but knowing how to learn.

Ciklites not on the correctness of action

Try not to pay attention to the rules and laws "business development". Rules are static and dynamic. And success in the market is seeking the one who can transcend, overstep the rules. Go for it-and you can do it!

May 18, 2011 year, entering the IPO business social network LinkedIn has been estimated at $4.25 billion.

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