10 pitfalls in sales

1) Give customers more than they need, and they will be with you longer than you think.
2) from a client who is waiting for the joy of shopping, loves their products more than others.
3) your business does not depend on you and your clients have customers-business lives, no customers-you bankrupt.
4) not your goods offers your customers to you, and your customer service.
5) Sell not you and your managers. Without them, you are not the seller.
6) customers will assume that they know about the product more than you, because they are consumers, and you are only a seller. But specialist that sells your shop you will learn how to show it.
7) Than more items in your catalog, the less you have the revenue, but more are selling.
8) from the trust to you depends on your level of sales, it constantly increase.
9) idea engine of progress in your business, but not all of your ideas will yield results.
10) Clients absolutely uninteresting that you lose if you are selling cheaper, they are interested in what you have given them to ensure that they were satisfied with the acquisition.

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