10 major challenges online store promotion in search engines

The first and main problem is a problem in SEO-expert. At SEO-specialist technical mind. Employers only think about how to make: "if I put 1000 rubles, they they in 2000?" The optimizer is simply not interested.

It is more like all automated. Therefore they speak different languages, and when the employer writes technical task of SEO-optimizer or freelancers, there are frequent misunderstandings. Also SEO-optimizers get sick of such disease as a desire to get a lot of money without putting any effort.

How does SEO-optimization? An entrepreneur who wants to promote their sites, pays for the optimizer-SEO Web site promotion. What makes the optimizer?

It is laid out in the beginning, only displays the site to desired position, and subsequent support site requires minimal effort. Therefore, the optimizer starts the "easy life". All optimizers seek precisely to this format works.

Self promotion

The problem is the following: why websites don't go in the top 10? That is, if you yourself are trying to promote the site without professional help. Often people who are trying to start a website promotion or his advance, little versed in optimization. You can read about it online, go to the seminar, but in this area still cannot do without practice.

There are a huge number of factors that it is impossible to calculate. Once, about 10 years ago when Yandex only began to develop, there were only a few algorithms, and they are very easily calculated.

Then it was possible to give an absolute guarantee that the site will come out TOP. Now there's a huge number of algorithms, thousands of formulas, many different filters, which play an important role. Therefore, the warranty on the productivity of SEO can not give none.

A lot of competition on the Internet

Next problem-too much competition in Runet. If you have a project, say, selling refrigerators or window business, and you want to move online, then you come up with the most powerful competition. Those people who occupy the TOP-10, invest hundreds of thousands of rubles in advance. To circumvent such a man is almost impossible.

If you take a highly competitive subjects, you should know some very artful methods, which is not likely to know others. But if you want to move in SEO, better not regret investing your money. In addition, if you have a competitive subject, you need more than six months to list your site in the top 10 and guarantees that it will happen, no.

Sites stick together (affiliate)

The next problem is affiliated sites. Very often, this problem occurs when the online store has evolved to a level only slightly larger than the initial. From the store already has a small circulation, there are several managers for telephone sets, couriers, the Logistics Department. He more or less optimized.

In such a scenario, the entrepreneur begins to think about how he had to tap sources of traffic, and then it starts, on the basis of its experience, generate sites. I.e. He already has a working model of how to make such a store, he creates duplicate sites and thinks now fully scores TOP-10 Novo created sites, and all traffic will be at his disposal. So do fail! Sometimes, some owners, the result is keep and three sites, but it is very risky.

Against the rules of Yandex play is not worth it. Than it normally ends? When you create multiple sites, and if you have specified or similar contacts or the same hosting or phone number you skleit filter Affiliate. Sometimes Yandex managers personally call the company and identify and verify whether the site belongs to the same company or not. If Yes, then stick them moderators.

And what is the result? Part of requests goes on one site, part of the query to another, while requests jump between these sites. The situation turns out to be an entrepreneur? These requests, instead of being on one site, appearing on two. And the owner, rather than follow one site, it is necessary to monitor the two.

If you work with only one site, and with the other will not, something on one will be high-conversion sales, the other is low. Requests jump to a site with low conversions and you lose precious sales.

On site imposed filters

Very often it happens that the sites are under the filters. There are so many of them. The problem is that if the site falls under the filter, the track is very difficult. Therefore, it is not desirable to attempt to outwit Yandex. If you drive it under filter, you may never disable site in the top 10.

There are cases when websites came under filters, and nobody wanted to promote, because display their top 10 becomes insanely difficult. Moreover, six months or a year you'll pay some company or freelancers, that it only displays a site from under the filter, and then hit the TOP 10. So don't play with by Yandex in such games.

Also there is a Matriksnet algorithm in Yandex. He has appeared relatively recently. How it works? This robot, which programmed thousands of different formulas, and it consistently ranks the sites. What is the result? Now no one can say with 100% probability, will your site in the top 100-and all because of Matriksneta.

Even in Yandex nobody can predict, because increasing bandwidth between Moscow datacenters-1000 formulas, he constantly collects from millions of sites and each site statistics ranked separately. Before they took the site vzveshivalos the number of key requests on the page, purchased links and website published in the TOP-10. Now for each site terms and conditions of the individual, because each site work their formulas.

And Matriksnet change this ranking, i.e. If your site today at the top, and you'll try to Dodge, attempt to hide text or something else, it can end for you sad. Therefore, we must strive to be more honest. Yandex same fights for its uniqueness, it is struggling to extradition had been most useful for people. So it's not like you if you'll cheat.

While SEO-optimization never disappears. We are lagging behind from America for at least five years, if we take into account the Internet technologies. In America the SEO-insanely complicated process. Duration of the contract with the company there are dimensions of the term from one year and above. Ate there and engage in promotion, only integrated because individually SEO there plays no role. There practiced full promotion: Yandex direct, media advertising, etc. d.

You have a very young site

The problem may be the fact that you have a young site. You decide to launch your start-up, buying only the domain that one month. For example, your site is dedicated to the theme "leather goods". You take the highest request, say, "leather bags, hire a SEO-optimizer and start actively purchasing links and optimize this site. What is the result?

Your links in the fifty and more per cent of Yandex slaughters because he understands perfectly well that appeared some young website and wants to get into the highly competitive subjects, what you immediately "will give to the head".

You need at least a little bit of a wait or don't try to move high-frequency queries. Young site on low-frequency queries can come out in TOP in its first month. There is no need to try to grab the sweet piece at the very beginning of your promotion.

A reference blast

This theme applies a reference burst. This is the case when purchased a large number of links. You want to reduce the time, you do not feel sorry for money, and you want to buy more and more links to get their orders faster. The reference occurs. Again creates an unnatural situation, and Yandex takes your site under the filter. With the filter, after which you then it will be very difficult to go in the top 10.

Another of the most global problems is incorrect internal optimization. If you take the most fundamental factors in promotion, they will be just 20. Of these 18 factors go to the internal optimization and 2-factor on the reference.

That is, if you're buying a bunch of links, but the remaining 18 factors, you get nothing. If you have a site be optimized even for 5-and factors of internal optimization and you, purchase a lot of links, you still get only marginally significant effect.

What is the conclusion? You need to very clearly and competently doing internal optimizations, and only then try to buy links. On multiple sites internal optimization is done very poorly.

If you check out texts on the site, do not think that this will be enough. You must check the length of the code, as well as how far the text is from the caps site as prescribed title, description, keywords, how to read the catalog, check your code for errors, etc. d.

The main problem with the independent promotion

If the address for your own promotion without SEO professionals, there are the same problems above reference problems Matriksneta bombing, and problem analysis of referential mass. If you use a reference an aggregator, the links are purchased very incorrectly (40-50% of links loosely working).

The next problem is to collect semantic kernel (queries that are adjusted to your site). To find suitable queries, you need to use special services. If you select the queries manually, you vydohnetes, you just explode. A very long time since I did so too-it was insanely uncomfortable.

From freelancers and SEO companies sometimes your personal software, which is made specially for them. The collection includes kernel words, declination, cases, mistyped queries, low-frequency queries, medium frequency requests. They should correctly be placed on your website.

Over the years of practice, I come across sites that unit did a pretty good internal optimization and true distributed key requests. Again, competent internal optimization often will not occur when the person doing the work yourself.

Sites, and there are affiliated. Just want to say that through aggregators move quite expensive, because there is many links do not work, and inflated budgets themselves. I do not recommend working with them.

But if you really want to choose reference ROOKEE aggregator. Its advantage is that different SEO-optimizers offer their strategy. Those who have a very good working strategy, assigns a specific status. Those who have more than three medals, brought many of the TOP sites on its own procurement strategy links. But it's all very attached behind the ears.

How to fill holes in the formation of the order chain

Let's talk about three quick techniques that can increase conversion advertising traffic in calls. This will really help people who already have an online store, and give awareness to people who want to make your startup.

  1. You should weigh the conversion of advertising channels, websites and phone calls.
  2. You should weigh the indicators of failure.
  3. You must build your sales funnel. If you follow these three points, will be able to clearly understand how much each channel traffic will bring you money.

There are 4 channel traffic. This SEO, Yandex direct, GoogleAdWords, vkontakte. They are formed in the overall flow of advertising. The overall flow subsequently goes to the site. On the website people choose orders. Further comes the turn call. The call is handled by the Manager. Once processed, Client Manager generates the order. What problems arise?

The first problem is that people believe the overall channel traffic. This leads to what? Let's look at an example. You have SEO, Yandex direct, GoogleAdWords, vkontakte, and for you the total failure rate is 35%, but if it's spread out through the channels, then you will see that Yandex direct works much more effectively than GoogleAdWords.

Accordingly, Yandex direct money you invest more profitable, because they will generate better. It is therefore very important to share all of the channels, and know what conversion you go with each channel.

When all your promotional traffic enters the site, there starts the usability of the site, there is information about how it is done, how well presented product, how people there feel comfortable, not disgusting there design. Better absence design per se, than a lousy design. It happens that many customers are lost because the site something is not modified.

And to call comes a very small number of people. Considered normal if 100 visits as a result comes out 1 call. When it comes to call manager, an additional percentage of people is filtered out. Of the 10 calls you goes 5 orders. It turns out that you need to develop a completely all the places the above schema. To put it simply, if you invest in Yandex direct 1000 rubles, and they move in an order, you earn with order 2000 rubles and you subtract 1000 rubles for client attraction.

Make bounce rates decreased very simply. How does it work? Happens so that people practically do not work on the site and they're starting to recruit sources of traffic and get paid a lot of money SEO-optimizer. These money works in plus. They always pay off.

But if you started the site and watched their interest bounce, you would understand that many pages people just go away. For example, one of my customer that I was doing a little analysis of the site I looked interest waiver. There, on the checkout page for a month and a half has left 46 people dead.

It already had customers who wanted to buy something! But they came and did nothing. If it worked for my site, invested in its usability at least 20000 rubles, they would immediately paid off, because on average the orders distributed 50 to 50.

The first 50 per cent with baskets, the second 50 percent with calls. If 46 orders came to cart, respectively, in the calls had to do about the same. This suggests that the subject is very in demand. The range is very good, but you need to work with the site. The problem is that at every stage in the chain of ordering you will have holes. And the bottleneck is to move away from the site of the Bell.

To understand how much profit each channel brings traffic, you need to weigh and calculate all your indicators, starting with how much money you put into each channel traffic, what is the average margin on demand. Review your sales funnel-file, which contains information to help you calculate what the profit will be with each channel. On this special formula is configured.

And you, after a month or two, you can see what kind of exhaust you will have in a month. It is very convenient to view conversion with channels. If you fill out the bounce rates, visits, feedback, sales, "earned and spent, then you will be at the bottom to form interest and, based on them, you will see how much you will have orders. This table shows that if you invest in Yandex direct 10000 rubles, then, when certain indicators over the past month, you get so much money.

Here the fun begins, because if you add up all these numbers, you can see whether they 10000 roubles invested in direct, 20000? You can also calculate the most profitable channel. This usually happens because: people just take and mindlessly invest money. And the need to invest in those sources that generate the greatest sales.

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