How to make money with your Smartphone? 10 ideas!

In times of crisis it is necessary to remember, that every man, whatever it was professional, could lose his job at any time. How do you get out of this situation, if not become work? The main thing is desire! After all, having even just one smartphone, you can still get out. And help in this 10 business ideas for a Smartphone, that will emerge from the current difficult situation. If you use one of them and not to be lazy, to earn with your Smartphone.

The first idea. Try guide or guide

This work is good for those people who are well aware of the history of the city and the surrounding area. T. (e). what the city has attractions, what historical events took place when something is all you can tell tourists. Create your own website, where you will offer guide service and tell about the attractions and other interesting sites. Offer their services to tourist operators, guides, there are special Web sites. Pre make up its tourist routes to interesting places.

The second idea. Own blog

Not all of us can become a famous writer, which will appreciate for its contribution to literature, publishing his works. But using such technical means as smartphone, laptop or computer with access to the World Wide Web, everyone can show their talent. People who express on the Internet what they think are called bloggers. How you can earn with your Smartphone? The answer is simple. Once the blog becomes popular and it will start to visit a large number of people. And then be able to make money on advertising, which willingly will post search engines page.

The third idea. Technical support for inexperienced users

This kind of earnings is well suited for those people who understand and know the sites and are confident the users PC. For example, something is wrong with the program, and it somehow does not work. There are many users who do not understand why such features as customize the game, etc., and are willing to pay for the tip. You are also responsible for helping make the programme that they want. In other words, this advice clients on various technical issues.

Courier services and cargo transportation

If you have a bicycle, your own car, you can easily deal with such earnings as transportation from point a to point b. Make your resource with contacts and engage in this kind of business. Monitor applications from clients can be any Smartphone with access to the network.

The fifth idea is the work of a mystery shopper

Job is to visit a variety of shops, beauty salons, service stations and other services, the purpose of which is to assess the quality of customer service personnel when leadership is not in place. And if you choose this profession as a permanent source of income smartphone is able to facilitate a large number of tasks (voice recording, video recording, etc. d.). Find the customers of these services, in principle, not difficult. There are many sites on which need the services of such experts.

The sixth idea. Resale on auction sites for a variety of goods and services

Today there are a large number of online auction sites, where it is easy to play the role of mediator, reselling a product. While not necessarily buy a product that he was at the property. Many companies offer numerous affiliate programs, which will receive a percentage from the sale of their goods. The Smartphone will be an opportunity to go without any problems on any auction site and commit there sales operations.

The seventh idea. Video

Modern mobile devices are nowadays very qualitative and sophisticated tools that can perform video shooting no worse than video cameras. They have many features that allow you to not only shoot interesting videos, but also edit them. Then send, for example on Youtube, where the demonstration will receive advertising money.

Eighth idea. Give useful tips for travelers

Recently gaining popularity such a profession, as a life coach. This work is suitable for those who are keen on psychology, can hear the other person, not interrupting him, give valuable tips that will help him in difficult situations.

Ninth idea — call center at home

This is one of simple ideas to make with your Smartphone. The only condition is you need delivered clearly diction and pleasant voice. This work is called the Manager at home. For example, to get the money, you can deal with booking tickets, produce orders for taxi drivers and provide other advice.

Tenth idea. Virtual assistance

To varying degrees, we all need help. Someone does not have time to walk the dog in the evening, someone don't have time to take their children out of school, in the garden, someone needs to stand in a long queue, etc. d. All these kinds of works, too, should someone do, and this work also is looked up in the network. The cost here is negotiable.

These 10 business ideas for Smartphone only the most relevant, but there are many others. There are no hopeless situations!

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